Mental Ray Licensing Update

Hi Mental Ray users and lovers,

over the course of the past 12 months, we have converted most of you, the existing and eligible Mental Ray customers, to a perpetual licensing model. That is giving you plenty of time for finishing current Mental Ray projects and for transitioning to alternative renderers in the coming years.

As some of you have noticed, the NVIDIA Licensing Portal was shut down earlier this month. That means, the option to manage your license tokens and generate license files yourself is not available any longer. We are working on a different solution that will allow you to move Mental Ray to another machine easily. We are going to announce any news here, on this blog.

Please do not hesitate to contact arc-licensing(at) in case of licensing issues or requests.

Happy (and uninterrupted) rendering!

14 thoughts on “Mental Ray Licensing Update

    1. Steffen says:

      Good question! Well, one answer is, that NVIDIA has changed its focus from developing and licensing end-user 3D rendering software that competes in the market to a software and technology platform provider that helps implementing general support for GPUs in any software.

  1. LIU says:

    I have been using mentalray for 7 years.Maybe you can consider developing mentalray plugins for other software (such as houdini).I accept mentalray to continue charging

    1. Steffen says:

      Hi LIU, at the moment, you can use the current Mental Ray without any charges! (except for animations and batch, but time will tell…)

    1. Steffen says:

      Rahul, you can’t use the plugin for Maya 2018 “as is” in Maya 2019, unfortunately. Typically, you need to update an existing plugin for new versions of Maya, for example to take advantage of new features.

  2. LIU says:

    Recently reinstalled the operating system, but I did not save a copy of the mentalray license, and the license portal was also closed, I can’t download the license now and activate my mentalray, in this case, where do I need to go Retrieve my license

    1. Steffen says:

      The NVIDIA Licensing Portal has been closed in the meantime, so you cannot move your license to a new machine yourself any more. Please contact us at arc-licensing(at) for help.

    1. Steffen says:

      You can get licenses for the plugins free-of-charge to finish your Mental Ray projects, just contact arc-licensing(at) The Mental Ray Standalone is completely free to use nowadays, so can use any number of render nodes / Satellites without additional licenses.

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