mental ray For Maya Beta with NVIDIA

We are now beta testing Pi-ray, our exciting new version 3.14 of mental ray, within Maya 2016, in a private mental ray For Maya beta test. If you are interested, please email, with your beta test request. Please state your company, how you use mental ray, and your machine configuration. In addition to registering in our forum, you need to have Maya 2016 and the mental ray for Maya 2016 plugin installed before installing the beta plugin.

The following image is rendered with the latest global illumination (GI) algorithm in 3.14. Enter the beta test to find out some great things about the latest GI.


13 thoughts on “mental ray For Maya Beta with NVIDIA

  1. Jorge Sanchez says:

    Beautiful rendering! Is this latest algorithm processing faster then the old one? What are the benefits? And most importantly, why is there no testing for 3ds Max users. I work a lot with architects and it would be nice to test it inside 3ds Max 2016.

    1. bgawboy says:

      Pi stands for the symbol π used by mathematicians to represent the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter . The first three digits of pi are 3.14, this version number for mental ray.

      1. bgawboy says:

        Nah, no questions are silly questions. It wasn’t explicitly clarified, and it is fun to talk about. Thank you for being the brave one to ask.

    1. bgawboy says:

      No, this is just a special version of mental ray because it is 3.14, and it has some great new features. Though we like calling it Pi-ray and glad you like it as well.

    1. nvjulia says:

      Hi Christoph,
      we are working intensively with the community in the beta forum to prepare the release of the next version.
      Stay tuned for news – it will come soon!

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