mental ray for 3ds Max 2015 SP2

mental ray for 3ds Max 2015 SP2 has been released several weeks ago.

It ships with mental ray version

Several issues were fixed as far as mental ray is concerned:

  • mental ray hang when rendering an empty scene
  • precision problem when using Arch & Design related to computation of glossy samples
  • subset pixel rendering not showing up in rendered frame window when using mental ray

The new NVIDIA GPU Maxwell architecture is not yet supported, but we plan to release a patch very soon. Stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “mental ray for 3ds Max 2015 SP2

      1. Pascal says:

        Sorry for the delay, could you give details please?
        Which crash?
        Is there a defect #?
        Repro steps please?

  1. Dizzy says:

    “log a bug with Autodesk”

    I’ve been doing that for 15 years. It honestly feels like wasting my time. I’m saddened to discover that development is now happening under Autodesk. This means no more real Max development and concentrating on Maya.

    I guess it’s the end of an era and time to move on. the good news is that other companies are innovating, rather than stagnating.

  2. Leandro Lopes says:

    I got a laptop with gtx 960m card. But whathever I do, I always get error when trying to use gi gpu with mental ray. Is there a problem with this card? Are there any plans to get it working with this feature?

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