mental ray for Maya 2015 SP2

mentalray for Maya 2015 SP2 is now available and provides important fixes around XGen hair rendering, layering shaders, massive assembly scenes, native IBL and more. Here’s a short list of fixes that come with the new mental ray and the new version of the mental ray plugin.
Please, consult the mental ray and the Maya 2015 SP1 and SP2 release notes for the complete list.

  • XGen
    The performance of the XGen hair shader has been significantly improved for scenes with dense hair.
  • Layering shaders (Mila)
    Several fixes in the shaders and the UI – namely, possible crash with subsurface scattering initialization, possible NaN values and a too bright contribution of the user IBL environment shader in glossy components, reordering layers with bump or weight connection.
  • Binary Maya file compatibility with Maya 2014 restored
    Some mental ray shader nodes saved in .mb files were not compatible between 2014 and 2015. This is now fixed.
  • GI GPU
    Improved performance of the GPU and multi-CPU rendering, and added support for NVIDIA Maxwell GPUs.
  • Large scene with assemblies
    Fixed possible crash when rendering large scenes with multiple assemblies exceeding physical memory.
  • Native environment lighting
    IPR now automatically updates when changing the new “emit light” features which control the native environment lighting. Fixed brightness difference in IPR versus Render Current Frame.

Happy rendering,


8 thoughts on “mental ray for Maya 2015 SP2

  1. bgawboy says:

    The back_scatter pass is not working yet in SP2 unfortunately, and we hope this fix comes in a future SP.

    Regarding the transparency, this part of the document is not quite reflecting the current goals of the mila LPE emulation, in which we wanted to have more flexibility with an additive passes to address common pipelines with simple pass additions.

    I’ve started a forum post on this, since there is a lot to talk about, especially in detail, regarding varying pipelines in different production houses.

    1. nvjulia says:

      As soon as 3ds Max 2015 SP2 will be released later this year, we will update you on the progress there as well.
      We are also planning to publish more tips and tricks that are application agnostic. Please stay tuned!

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