Hi mental ray users, friends, rendering beginners and pro’s:

We are very pleased to announce this blog as a new, direct source of information about mental ray, one of the most used 3D rendering technologies in the world.  We like to use this channel to reach out to you and tell you about the exciting new features we are currently working on, but also about efficient workflows and best practices inside the various applications that have mental ray integrated or as plugins, like Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage and Cinema4D or mental ray Standalone.

These are exciting times for rendering!  Traditional and well established lighting and shading techniques meet with physically based rendering approaches in order to compute highly realistic imagery with the push of a button while taking advantage of all available hardware.  We believe mental ray is flexible enough and continuously progressing to be used successfully in both of those domains, and anything in between.

We aim to accompany and support you in your daily work with mental ray, show the best and easiest ways to use it, or achieve a certain look or visual effect, and spread the word about the latest and greatest additions and changes.

We are looking forward to your feedback and comments, and invite you to follow us.

Happy rendering,

The mental ray development team.
Steffen Roemer, Product Manager Rendering Software, mental ray

12 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Philip says:

    “…highly realistic imagery with the push of a button…” you guys forgot to change the words to “…highly realistic imagery with the push of MANY BUTTONS….”

  2. Lakshman says:

    Awesome and congrats. I love MR and me being a beginner on this subject I have loved the stuffs that has been done using MR and all the other great masters and Guru’s out there helping us out with more info and methods… 🙂

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